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XS898 - Tony Collins, Lavendon, Buckinghamshire

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Lightning F.6 XS898 at Lavendon, 11th March 2000; author

XS898 was one of the last Lightnings in service and on retirement was bought along with several others and delivered to Cranfield airfield. There the plan to fly them to Monaco came to nothing and they gradually deteriorated, and were eventually offered up for sale once more. Many were scrapped and XS898 was one of the unlucky ones. However the nose section was saved and Tony Collins, a big Lightning fan, had the choice between this one and XS899. Choosing XS898 because it had part of the wing still attached, he soon brought it back to superb condition and now takes it to local events to raise money for charity. The canopy mechanism is even operative, so no struggling with the huge weight of the canopy is needed if you want to sit in it!

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