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XM169 - Highlands Aviation Museum, Inverness Airport, Scotland

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Lightning F.1A XM169 at Inverness, 26th March 2006;

XM169 came from Leuchars where she had ended her life as a decoy airframe. While her exterior is looking in great nick, the cockpit interior is absolutely immaculate - and entirely complete. The previous owner, Ken Ward, had rigged up a small hand operated hydraulic pump which raises and lowers the canopy, after a brush with death in the past when the canopy closed on him, cutting off his air supply while he was working in the cockpit. Thankfully he managed to move himself around and use his legs to push the (very heavy) canopy open slightly to allow some airflow until he was rescued! Ken sold off much of his collection in 2004 and XM169 moved on to the Highlands Aviation Museum in June of that year.

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