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412 - SAAF Waterkloof (gate guard by living quarters), Pretoria, South Africa

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Buccaneer S.50 412 at SAAF Waterkloof, South Africa; Louis Vosloo

Unlike certain other governments, the South Africans know a bit of history when they see it and have preserved all the Buccaneers that were left when they were finally retired! Above is 412, mounted on a plinth outside the living quarters at the Waterkloof base that was home to the Buccaneers of 24 squadron. Initially 412 was mounted with gear down, banked to one side and in a nose-down attitude. This didn't impress the ex-Buccaneer crews and it was soon changed to the more dynamic attitude it's in now! Happily despite what was previously said here, it's still in the excellent condition seen in the picture.

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