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XZ431 - John Hoole, Hinstock, Shropshire

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Buccaneer S.2B XZ431 at Kemble, 9th September 2007; Nigel Goodall/Blackburn Buccaneer Society

On retirement XZ431 was flown to Marham for ground instructional and BDRT use but was kept in good condition, and often hangared. As a result she was in pretty good condition for a good while until kept out of doors for several years, which left her corroded and fading. Auctioned off in 2000, she was bought by a collector who planned to transport her to a museum in Belgium - sadly this fell through, as did another plan to display her somewhere in the UK as a memorial to the Buccaneer's chief designer, Roy Boot. She was put up for sale once more and bought by the OFMC to provide spares for XX885, and scrapped once spares recovery was complete. The nose was earmarked for the Belgian collector but once again he failed to transport her out of the UK so she went to Phoenix Aviation before being bought by her current owner. John mounted her on a trailer for use as a travelling exhibit and she's pictured here on a visit to Kemble.

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