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XX897 - Atlantic AirVenture, Shannon, Clare, Eire

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Buccaneer S.2B XX897 at Hurn, September 2005; Nigel Goodall/Blackburn Buccaneer Society

The unusual nose on this reclusive Buccaneer was fitted because it was used to trial the Foxhunter radar used on the Tornado ADV. Sold on retirement in 1993 to the Source Classic Jet Flight at Bournemouth Airport (Hurn), she next changed hands in 1998 to Nigel McKnight's Quicksilver outfit whose primary interest was in her engines, to use them in a waterborne craft in an attempt on the world water speed record. To this end she was kept in running condition as an engine testbed, with the aid of European Aviation who provided hangarage, fuel and technical support (and the paint job - the tail being in European Aviation colours). To date, however, it appears that nothing of consequence has come of Quicksilver's plans to build a boat and in 2005 title of XX897 passed to a Quicksilver shareholder. She was then sold on to Christie Keane in 2008, ending Quicksilver's interest in the airframe. She remained in taxiable condition and was pictured above undergoing an engine run. Sadly she has now moved to a new home in Shannon, Eire - as the first static exhibit in a new museum. A previous Buccaneer that was exported to Eire has not fared well so far so let's hope XX897 does not suffer similarly.

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