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Vulcan 607 by Rowland White

ISBN 0593053915

Published by Bantam Press, 2006

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An excellent and riveting account of the first Black Buck mission to bomb the runway at Port Stanley during the Falklands War in 1982. The author has clearly put a great deal of effort into his research, but has not produced the sort of dry technical account that so many would in his place - instead, it reads almost like a novel at times. The mission is covered right from the Argentine invasion through all the preparations to the flight itself, with all sorts of fascinating detail thrown in along the way. Thoroughly recommended.

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Warpaint No.30 Avro Vulcan by Kev Darling

ISSN 1361-0369

Published by Hall Park Books, 2001

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Another good addition to the pretty reliable Warpaint series, this volume concentrates on the aircraft from a modeller's point of view with colour profiles illustrating a variety of schemes and a development and service history. Sadly the scale plans in the centerfold are not to be relied upon - they are hugely inaccurate, particularly in the area of the nose and cockpit.

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Warbird Tech volume 26 - Avro Vulcan by Kev Darling

ISBN 1-58007-023-X

Published by Airlife Publishing

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In common with the other Warbird Tech books, this one concentrates on the development and service history but also technical aspects of the aircraft, with lots of pictures and diagrams illustrating the various systems onboard a Vulcan. Very little colour, but well worth getting; particularly useful if you're super-detailing a model Vulcan. I do have to declare an interest again though - some of my pictures are in this book too.

Postwar Military Aircraft: 4 - Avro Vulcan by Andrew Brookes

ISBN 0-7110-1548-1

Published by Ian Allan Ltd.

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Very full history, lots of pictures, diagrams, plans and so on, Vulcan squadrons and production breakdown. Thoroughly recommended; recently reprinted too, so readily available.

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V-Force - The History of Britain's Airborne Deterrent by Andrew Brookes

ISBN 978-0710602381

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A good book on the entire V-force with good Vulcan coverage.

Historical Series No.15: Olympus - The First Forty Years by Alan Baxter

ISBN 1-9511710-9-7

Published by The Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust

Includes around 40 pages on the development of the various marks of Olympus used in Vulcans with several black and white pictures. Also has TSR2 material; well worth getting hold of.

Legends of The Air 5 - Vulcan, Boeing B-47 & B-52 by Stewart Wilson

ISBN 1-875671-27-7

Published by Aerospace Publications Pty Ltd.

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While only a third of this book is devoted to the Vulcan, it's still worth getting for that alone - a great account of both development and service history, description of the variants with plan views and colour side views, and a great selection of photos of Vulcans in their prime in the 1960s and 1970s. And I suppose if you're partial to big Boeing bombers the other two sections of the book may be of interest! Possibly not worth getting if you already have the Wings of Fame volume (see below) but it does have a number of rare pictures of Vulcans visiting Australia and New Zealand so true addicts should still go for it.

Vulcan - last of the V-bombers by Duncan Cubitt and Ken Ellis

ISBN 1-85152-968-3

Published by Chancellor Press

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Good history and lots of great colour photos covering Vulcan survivors in 1992. Recommended, as it can often be found at a cut-down price!

Vulcan Super Profile by Christopher Chant

ISBN 0-85429-436-8

Published by Haynes, 1984

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A largely pictorial look at the Vulcan's history and covering the usual ground with nothing to distinguish it from weightier publications apart from larger than normal reproduction of some of the pictures (which tend to be familiar ones).

Modern Combat Aircraft: 11 - V-Bombers by Robert Jackson

ISBN 1 901945 03 0

Published by Ian Allan Ltd./Book Law Publications

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A book on the entire V-Force, but good Vulcan coverage and even a full section on the Blue Steel ASM. Recently reprinted, though no updates have been made to the book (originally published in 1981) so it's rather out of date.

Wings of Fame volume 3

ISBN 1 874023 70 0

Published by Aerospace Publishing Ltd.

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The ever-excellent series of volumes includes this one which is worth buying for the Vulcan article alone. Lavishly illustrated with photos, a colour gate-fold, 3-views, 3D cutaway, detail pictures (of XH558!), has an excellent development and service history plus individual aircraft histories.

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