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K.2 XH673 - RAF Marham (scrapped), Norfolk

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Victor K.2 XH673 at RAF Marham, 14th October 2020; RAF Marham

RAF Marham was the last home of the Victor force, and when they sadly left service in 1993 one was earmarked for preservation at the station. XH673 graced the area outside SHQ, so you needed to be inside the station to get a picture (or high above it!). She was repainted in 1999 and has the cockpit glass covered with black panels to protect the cockpit interior - the perspex was apparently fogging over too. Externally at least she was in excellent condition when I last visited in 2000, but in early 2020 she was offered up for disposal, with the word being that she was in a structurally unsafe condition. The realities of moving a large aircraft meant nobody came forward to preserve and accordingly in late November 2020 the aircraft began to be dismantled by the Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Squadron. It is hoped that some parts may be preserved, particularly the nose section, but as of early December 2020 most of the airframe has been taken away for scrap.

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