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Supermarine Swift - Survivor XF113

F.7 XF113 - Boscombe Down Aviaton Collection, Old Sarum Airfield, Wiltshire

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Swift F.7 XF113 at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, 18th March 2023; Jake Wallace

XF113 was the first production F.7 and first flew in November 1956. Used for handling trials and to determine limiting speed and Mach numbers, it was then returned to the makers in early 1957 for some modification work before being issued to the Empire Test Pilots School at Farnborough from July 1958 to July 1961.

Retired in October 1961, she was used as a spares ship for XF114 and eventually sold to a scrap dealer in 1965. The nose section was sold on, and Dr Robert Poulter acquired the nose, in poor condition, in the 1980s. Tony Dyer bought it and initially placed it on loan to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, beginning some restoration work. Since then, however, the museum itself has taken on ownership of the nose and finished a full restoration - as you can see!

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