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Swift Justice by Nigel Walpole

ISBN 978-1844150700

Published by Pen & Sword, 2004

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Inspired by a wish to rehabilitate the reputation of the type, Nigel Walpole has produced a very good "I was there" style of book on the Swift, beginning with a brief history of the type's development before moving onto his own experiences and those of others on the FR.5 force. The disaster of the early marks is glossed over somewhat but it is unbeatable for giving you an idea of what life on a Swift recce squadron was like during the Cold War. Colour photos are few and far between, it's mostly monochrome (and some poor quality at that), with a good section of colour profiles in the middle. Well worth getting hold of.

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Swift From the Cockpit by Nigel Walpole

ISBN 978 0 0946958 75 7

In many ways this is a more lavishly illustrated and more accessible version of Swift Justice, a softback with larger pages but fewer of them. Lots and lots of photos but only two pages in colour, plus a few colour profiles. An excellent intro to the Swift - follow it up with Swift Justice!

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Postwar Military Aircraft 7; Supermarine Attacker, Swift and Scimitar by Philip Birtles

ISBN 0-7110-2034-5

Published by Ian Allan

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Was for a good while one of very few tomes on the Scimitar, and even then only devotes around a quarter of the book to it. A good number of photos and a good history of the development and service. Somewhat superseded these days but worth getting if you can find a copy.

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Sound Barrier by David Lean

Published by British Lion Film Corporation

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This film is a fictional account of a UK programme to break the sound barrier and includes a number of scenes where one of the Swift prototypes (VV119) stars as the fictional aircraft called Prometheus. If you ever see it on TV or in the video shop, worth a look for that alone. Also includes scenes showing an Anson, Attacker, Vampire and the very first Comet.

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