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FAW.2 XJ565 - de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre, London Colney, Hertfordshire

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Sea Vixen FAW.2 XJ565 at London Colney, 30th November 2020; Damien Burke

XJ565 here is seen here at the de Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre. XJ565 used to have a working wing fold function and the wings were regularly folded as a visitor attraction, but I suspect this is no longer the case. They would like to get the canopy opening electrically, but are stumped for a gearbox as the aircraft one has rotted away, and this also appears to have stymied efforts to replace the canopy with an unclouded one. Since the last update the museum has undergone some impressive expansion efforts with new buildings and various new acquisitions but XJ565 has been rather left out in the cold, and is now tucked away on a patch of grass at the edge of the site. I feel it's a bit of shame that de Havilland's last jet fighter doesn't warrant an indoor spot yet but fingers crossed things will improve.

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