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The de Havilland Sea Vixen by Tony Buttler

ISBN 978-0851303642

Published by Air Britain

Buy from Amazon UK

Quite simply the best book on the Sea Vixen in existence. Yes, it's quite pricey but often the best books are! A good thick book taking in the whole sweep of Vixen history from the DH-110 prototypes to the retirement of the last D.3 drones, along with unbuilt development proposals and lots - and lots - of photos and personal recollections from those who flew and worked on the type. A real masterwork and if you only buy one book on the Sea Vixen, you owe it to yourself to make it this one.
Probably easiest to get hold of from Air Britain (discounted to £28 for A-B members and ex-Fleet Air Arm personnel).

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Sea Vixen - de Havilland's Ultimate Fighter Aircraft by Richard A. Franks

ISBN 1-905414-04-8

Published by Dalrymple & Verdun Publishing

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A lavishly illustrated history of the type with over 100 mostly monochrome photos, lots of colour profile drawings and detailed history of each airframe. Thoroughly recommended and an absolute bargain!

Book cover

de Havilland Vampire, Venom and Sea Vixen by Philip Birtles

ISBN 071101566X

Published by Ian Allan

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Rather a small section on the Sea Vixen and as a result it's a bit of rush through its history, with a small selection of black and white photos. Worth getting if you're interested in the Vampire & Venom as well, but not really worthwhile just for the Sea Vixen content.

Book cover

Warpaint No.11 - Sea Vixen by Steve Hazell

ISSN 1361-0369

Published by Hall Park Books Ltd.

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A profile publication with development and service history, lots of colour profiles, pictures, scale plans and a small selection of detail pictures. Sadly the profiles are very poor and the plans not much better.

Book cover

John Derry - The story of Britain's first supersonic pilot by Annie Bullen and Brian Rivas

ISBN 0-7183-0099-8

Published by William Kimber

Buy from Amazon UK

A worthwhile read about the most famous test pilot casualty of the 1950s. Includes details of DH.110 development and some photos of the DH.110 (including a good cockpit shot).

Sea Vixen by Brian Fiddler

ISBN 0 948251 03 4

Published by Friends of the Fleet Air Arm Museum

Buy from Amazon UK

Short history and selection of photos along with squadron details. If you can find it cheap, worth a go.

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