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MR.2 XV239 - Morayvia (tail fin only, stored), Kinloss, Scotland

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Nimrod MR.2 XV239 at Toronto Aerospace Museum, 2009; Andrew Bates

120 Squadron's XV239 deployed to Canada in August 1995 to take part in a number of airshows. At the second of these, the Canadian National Exhibition's International Air Show at Toronto on 2nd September, the aircraft was mishandled and entered a stall. The port wing dropped almost 90° and the nose dropping to 18° below the horizon with only around 1,000ft of recovery room. Correct stall recovery actions were undertaken but there was insufficient height to recover and the aircraft hit the water at high speed, breaking up immediately and killing the entire crew - Flt Lt Dom Gilbert, Flt Lt Glenn Hooper, Sgt Gary Moxham, Flt Lt Nick Brooks, Sgt Richie Williams, Sgt Craig Barnett and Flt Lt Bernie Worthington.

While most of the recovered wreckage was scrapped or returned to the UK, the tail fin was acquired by the Toronto Aerospace Museum and put on display as a memorial to the crew for some years until the museum was forced to close its doors and look for a new site. The fin was moved on to a private individual who recognised its significance and contacted the RCAF to see if it could be returned to the UK. On January 9th 2020, after a memorial ceremony, it was loaded into an Globemaster at CFB Trenton and flown to Prestwick. Morayvia picked it up and currently have it in storage.

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