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MR.2 XV235 - Avro Heritage Museum, Woodford Airfield, Cheshire

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Nimrod MR.2 XV235 at Avro Heritage Museum, 22nd August 2020; Adam Poultney

Famous as the airframe that made a trip to the North Pole to rendezvous with submarines HMS Trenchant and USS Spadefish, XV235 was built as an MR.1 and later converted to an MR.2. On 5th November 2007, the crew noticed a fuel leak during air to air refuelling and made an expedited landing, thankfully avoiding the fate that befell the crew of XV230 a year earlier. From that point on the Nimrod force ceased air to air refuelling operations and relied solely upon internal fuel. XV235 was retired at RAF Kinloss in March 2010 and scrapped on site some months later. The forward fuselage was transported to the Avro Museum at the former Avro/BAE plant at Woodford, where she is now on display representing the integral part that Woodford played in Nimrod production and upgrades.

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