Thunder & Lightnings

Test Flying Memorial

"...and everywhere the
blue sky belongs to them
and is their appointed rest
and their native country"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

15 fatal incidents found.

26/04/1960Mr R. Hazelhurst, Bristol Siddeley Engines TP; Mr P. Field, Bristol Siddeley Engines FTO; Mr E. Potter, Bristol Siddeley Engines FTOFairey Gannet AEW Mk 3 XJ440FiltonView details
11/11/1960Flt Lt J.S. Duncan AFC, P Handling Squadron A&AEEGloster Meteor T Mk 7 WF766Lyme Regis, DorsetView details
16/11/1960Lt-Cdr J.R.S. Overbury, Hunting TPHunting Jet Provost T Mk 2B G-AOUSLangford, BedfordshireView details
31/08/1961Lt Cdr Ozzie Brown RN (C Squadron A&AEE TP), Mr Terry D. Dunn (HSA/Blackburn FTO)Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk 1 XK529Lyme Bay, DorsetView details
23/03/1962Mr M.P. Evans, A&AEE navigator; Mr P. Evans, Handley Page FTOHandley Page Victor B Mk 2 XL159Stubton, LincsView details
05/07/1962Lt G.W.N. Jones, RN, C Squadron A&AEE observerBlackburn Buccaneer S Mk 1 XN922Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
25/10/1962Flt Lt D. Oldham, P; Flt Lt W.I.D. England, ETPSEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WJ730Farnborough, HampshireView details
19/02/1963Mr G.R.I. "Sailor" Parker (Hawker Siddeley/Blackburn TP), Mr Gordon R. Copeman (Hawker Siddeley/Blackburn FTO)Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk 1 XN952 Holme-on-Spalding Moor, YorkshireView details
02/10/1963Mr J.R. Green, Shorts Belfast TPShort SC.1 XG905Belfast, Northern IrelandView details
22/10/1963Lt Cdr Mike J. Lithgow OBE (Vickers-Armstrong deputy CTP), Capt Richard Rymer (Vickers-Armstrong TP), Mr Ben J. Prior (assistant chief aerodynamicist, Vickers-Armstrong), Mr C. J. Webb (assistant chief designer, Hunting Aircraft), Mr R. A. F. Wright (Vickers-Armstrong senior FTO), Mr G. R. Poulter (Vickers-Armstrong FTO), Mr D. J. Clark (Hunting Aircraft FTO).BAC One-Eleven Series 200 G-ASHGNear Chicklade, WiltshireView details
08/03/1966Pilot Brian Wass and his Flight Test Observer (name not known)Marshalls MA4 (modified Auster) VF665West Wratting, SuffolkView details
18/04/1966Mr A. Brandon, TP; Mr A. Chalke, FTOde Havilland Vampire T Mk 55 5C-YALlanarmom Dyffryn Ceirog, DenbighshireView details
03/06/1966P. Barlow, Hawker Siddeley Hatfield TP; G.B.S. Errington, Hawker Siddeley Hatfield TP; C.W. Patterson, radio officer; E. Brackstone-Brown, FTOHawker Siddeley Trident Mk 1 G-ARPYFelthorpe, NorfolkView details
30/06/1966Flt Lt W.C. Mackison, P; Flt Lt C.M. Pridmore, navigator; both of Experimental Flying Unit, RAE FarnboroughBlackburn (Hawker Siddeley) Buccaneer S Mk 1 XK528Luce Bay, WigtownshireView details
14/05/1968Flt Lt R.L. Beeson; Sqn Ldr M.J.P.H. Mercer, both B Squadron A&AEEHawker Hunter Mk 7A XL611East Knoyle, WiltshireView details

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