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"...and everywhere the
blue sky belongs to them
and is their appointed rest
and their native country"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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65 fatal incidents found.

15/02/1950Sdn Ldr J.S.R. Muller Rowland DSO DFC, OC Aero Flight RAEde Havilland D.H.108 VW120Brickhill, Bletchley, BuckinghamshireView details
16/02/1950Mr K.A. Butler, Westland TPSupermarine Spitfire F Mk 22 PK545Ashington, SomersetView details
21/03/1950Mr Barraclough, Bristol Aeroplane Company TP; A. Bolton, radio officer; E.C. Brunt, engineer; F.C.T. Pullen, electricianBristol 170 Freighter G-AIHHCowbridge, GlamorganView details
13/04/1950Sqn Ldr C.W. Stark AFCde Havilland Vampire F Mk 1 TG388Shamley Green, SurreyView details
01/05/1950Sqn Ldr G.E.C. Genders AFC DFMde Havilland D.H.108 TG283Hartley Wintney, HampshireView details
13/06/1950Sdn Ldr H.A. Marsh AFC, Cierva CTP; Sqn Ldr F.J. Cable AFC, AFEE Beaulieu CTP (rotary wing); Mr H.J. Unsworth, Cierva FTOCierva Air Horse VZ724West End, HampshireView details
18/09/1950Lt W.N. Plews RN; Flt Lt R.F. Smail, flight engineerAvro Lincoln B Mk 3 RF534 Winchester, HampshireView details
09/10/1950Flt Lt E.B. Churchill, Air Torpedo Development Unit TPFairey Swordfish Mk 3 NR933Woolf Rock, off Lands End, CornwallView details
21/12/1950Flt Lt D.J.M. Macdonald, TFU DeffordGlostser Meteor F Mk 4 VT342Bransford House Farm, WorcesterView details
05/02/1951Sqn Ldr P.G. Robarts, Supermarine PTPSupermarine Attacker F Mk 1 WA477Marlborough, WiltshireView details
02/04/1951Sqn Ldr T.S. Wade DFC AFC, Hawker CTPHawker P.1081 VX279Ringmer, SussexView details
08/06/1951Lt-Cdr (E) D.K. HansonWestland Wyvern TF Mk 2 VW869Seven Barrows, WiltshireView details
13/06/1951R.H.B. Peach, Rolls-Royce TPEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 1 VN850 Bulwell Common, NottsView details
27/06/1951Flying officer J.R. Corke, P, Armament & Instrument Experimental Unit; Sgt J.E.A. Walsh, navigatorAvro Athena T Mk 2 VR569Wilby, SuffolkView details
12/07/1951Flt Lt R.B. Connell DFCHawker Sea Fury Mk X TF897Tangmere, SussexView details
26/08/1951Flt Lt D.J.P. Broomfield DFM, Handley Page TPHandley Page H.P.88 VX330Stansted, EssexView details
12/01/1952Sqn Ldr B.H.D. Foster DSO DFC and bar (co-pilot and RAF liaison officer)Vickers Valiant (prototype) WB210Bramsgore near Christchurch, HampshireView details
05/02/1952Lt Cdr R.M. Orr Ewing, C Squadron A&AEE TPSupermarine Attacker F Mk 1 WA485Leckford, HampshireView details
25/03/1952Mr T.B.D. Evans, English Electric TPEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WD991West of Preston, LancashireView details
30/04/1952Sqn Ldr R. Bradwell DFC, OC wireless and electrical flight RAE Farnborough TP; Flt Lt A. Millar DFCEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WD960Llandow, GlamorganView details
12/06/1952Flt Lt I.K. Johnston, D Squadron A&AEE P; Mr R.J. Whatley, photographerNorth American Harvard T Mk 2B EX371Figheldean, WiltshireView details
02/07/1952Flt Lt G. Wood-Smith DFC, D Squadron A&AEE P; Mr D.E. Purse, photographerBristol Brigand B Mk I RH753Bemerton Heath, Salisbury, WiltshireView details
19/08/1952Flt Lt L.H Wilkinson; Flt Lt M. Marcovitch RAAFVickers Valetta C Mk 1 VL266Lodge Farm, Odiham, HampshireView details
27/08/1952Lt A.E. Facer RN, Naval Aviation Flight RAE TPde Havilland Sea Venom NF Mk 20 WK376Frimley Green, HampshireView details
06/09/1952John Derry DFC, de Havilland TP, Hatfield; Tony Richards, de Havilland FTO, Hatfieldde Havilland D.H.110 WG236Farnborough, HampshireView details
25/11/1952Sqn Ldr C.G. Clark DFC, A Squadron A&AEE TPde Havilland Venom FB Mk 1 WE258Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
11/06/1953P.G. Lawrence, Gloster TPGloster Javelin WD808Flax Bourton, SomersetView details
27/06/1953Sqn Ldr D.W. Colquhoun, A Squadron A&AEE TPHawker Sea Hawk F Mk 1 WF109Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
08/09/1953Flt Lt J.K. Hough AFC, RAE Farnborough TPBristol Sycamore Mk 1 VL963Crashed on aborted take-offView details
26/09/1953Mr H.D. Shaw; Mr J. McCaig, Ferranti Flying Unit TPsHawker Sea Fury T Mk 20 VX283Tranent, East LothianView details
23/10/1953Flt Lt P.J. Clarke, P; Sqn Ldr W.A. Allison, navigator, TFU DeffordEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WF892Sowton, DevonView details
10/11/1953Sqn Ldr N.E.D. Lewis, A Squadron A&AEE TPSupermarine Swift Mk 1 WJ965Breamore Down, HampshireView details
22/02/1954Mr K.B. Forbes, Fairey Aviation TP, Ringwayde Havilland Venom FB Mk 1 WK390Hanley Banks, StaffordshireView details
25/02/1954Flt Lt K.W. Dalton-Golding DFC, Handley Page deputy CTP; Mr M.G. Goodridge, FTOEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WJ622Radlett, HertfordshireView details
04/03/1954Mr E. Beadle, Marshalls Cambridge TPde Havilland Venom FB Mk 1 WK427Chelmsford, EssexView details
31/03/1954Gp Cpt G.N. Hancock ETPSGloster Meteor F Mk 8 WH312Mytchett Green, HampshireView details
18/05/1954Mr E. Griffiths, Armstrong Siddeley Motors CTPWestland Wyvern S Mk 4 VZ747Palton, WarwicksView details
22/06/1954Sqn Ldr D.J. Murphy DFC, ETPS TPHawker Sea Fury T Mk 20 VX818Aldershot, HampshireView details
14/07/1954Sqn Ldr R.V. Ecclestone DFC AFC, Handley Page TP; Mr E.N.K. Bennett, FTO; Mr B. Heithersay, FTO; Mr A.B. Cook, FTOHandley Page Victor B Mk 1 WB771Cranfield, BedfordshireView details
25/08/1954Mr P.D. Byrne, RAE Farnborough FTOFairey Gannet AS Mk 1 WN348Lost at seaView details
21/10/1954Flt Lt R.J. RossGloster Javelin FAW Mk 1 XA546Bristol Channel off Weston-super-MareView details
29/12/1954Flt Lt A.L.B. Faucett, Experimental Flying Department RAE TPKramme & Zeuthen KZ10 642Farnborough, HampshireView details
02/03/1955Flt Lt E.H. Edmonds (navigator TFU Defford); Flt Lt F.W.W. Seaman (signaller TFU Defford)Handley Page Hastings C Mk 2 WD484Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
29/03/1955Mr R.L. Jones DSO, Rolls Royce TP; Mr I.D. Davies, FTO; Mr W. Orr, FTO; Mr M. Costello, FTO, all of Rolls RoyceAvro Lancastrian C Mk 2 VL970Hucknall, NottsView details
05/07/1955Lt-Cdr T.A. Rickell, A&AEE TPSupermarine 525 VX138Idmiston, WiltshireView details
04/08/1955Lt G. Perks RN, National Aeronautical Establishment TP; Mr M.F. Burle, FTOSikorsky Dragonfly HR Mk 3 WG666Risley, BedfordshireView details
27/11/1955Sqn Ldr F.C. Cooke DFC, A&AEE Handling squadron TP; Flt Lt P. Hyden, navigator A&AEE Handling SquadronEnglish Electric Canberra B(I) Mk 8Sailisbury, WiltshireView details
30/04/1956Mr J.W. Lowman; Mr M. Booth; Miss G.M. Warman, all A&AEE FTOsWestland Whirlwind HAR Mk 3 XJ395Lyndhurst, HampshireView details
07/05/1956Sqn Ldr M.R. Alston, B Squadron A&AEE P; Flt Lt V.D. Hall, navigator B Squadron A&AEEEnglish Electric Canberra B(I) Mk 8 WT328English Channel 3 miles south of ShorehamView details
11/05/1956Sqn Ldr Kenneth Orman (RAE Experimental Flying Department RAE TP), Flt Lt K.E.A. Evans (Experimental Flying Department RAE navigator), Mr. Knight (Experimental Flying Department RAE FTO).Vickers Valiant B Mk 1 WP202Southwick, SussexView details
24/08/1956Mr E.B. Smith, Gloster Aircraft TPGloster Javelin FAW Mk 4 XA644Wotton-under-Edge, GloucestershireView details
28/09/1956Flt Lt L.A. Coe, Blind Landing Experimental Unit TP; Mr J. Birkle, BLEU FTOEnglish Electric Canberra T Mk 4 WE189Martlesham Heath, SuffolkView details
07/12/1956Sqn Ldr J.B. Wales OBE DFC TD, Avro senior production TP; Mr G.A. Blake, Avro flight engineer; Mr C. O'Neill, Avro FTO; Mr R.A. Greenhalgh, Avro FTOAvro Shackleton MR Mk 3 WR970Foolow (Eyam), DerbyView details
06/11/1957E. Statham, Bristol Aeroplane Company TPBristol Britannia 301 G-ANCADownend, BristolView details
28/11/1957Wg Cdr H.G.F. Larsen DFC, RAE Bedford TPRolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig XK426Hucknall, NottsView details
09/12/1957Flt Lt W.A. Bell, P; Flt Lt K.C.F. Shelley, navigatorEnglish Electric Canberra B Mk 2 WK129Carnedd Llywelyn, CaernarvonshireView details
26/02/1958Flt Lt R.S. May. A Squadron A&AEE TP; Fg Off J.M.V. Coates, A Squadron A&AEE navigatorGloster Javelin FAW Mk 7 XH714Kingston, HampshireView details
05/06/1958Sqn Ldr J.S. Booth DFC, Saunders-Roe CTPSaunders-Roe SR.53 XD151Boscombe Down, WiltshireView details
20/09/1958Mr K.R. Sturt; Mr J. Ford, both Rolls-Royce Hucknall TPs; Mr Howkins, Rolls-Royce Hucknall FTO; Flt Lt R.M. Parrot, navigatorAvro Vulcan B Mk 1 VX770Syerston, NottsView details
09/10/1958Mr P.H. Durrant, English Electric FTOEnglish Electric Canberra PR Mk 9 XH129Liverpool BayView details
15/10/1958Sqn Ldr Ernest John 'Red' Roberts AFC, A Squadron A&AEE TPFolland Gnat Mk 1 XK767Stapleford, WiltshireView details
20/10/1958Lt W.R Shackleton RNGloster Meteor NF Mk 11 WD765Malshanger, HampshireView details
20/08/1959Sqn Ldr R.J. Morgan; Sqn Ldr G.B. Stockman, both B Squadron A&AEE TPs; Flt Lt L.N. Williams, navigator; Flt Lt R.J. Hannaford, radio op; Mr R. Williams, Handley Page FTOHandley Page Victor B Mk 2 XH668Irish Sea (off St Brides Bay, Wales)View details
12/10/1959Mr William Lewis Alford (NASA), Mr John G. Joyce (Blackburn FTO)Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk 1 XK490Lyndhurst, HampshireView details
19/10/1959Sqn Ldr N.G. Emslie, TP; Flt Lt V.A. Sawkins, flight engineer ETPSVickers Varsity T Mk 1 WF381Havant, HampshireView details

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