Thunder & Lightnings

Test Flying Memorial

"...and everywhere the
blue sky belongs to them
and is their appointed rest
and their native country"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

9 fatal incidents found.

14/08/1921Flt Lt O.M. Sutton MC, A&AEE TP; AC2 Charles James Sheridan, ObsBristol Braemar C4297Martlesham HeathView details
24/08/1921Air Cdre E.M. Maitland CMG DSO AFC; Flt Lt G.M. Thomas DFC; Flt Lt I.C. Little AFC; Flt Lt R.S. Montagu DSC; Flt Lt J.F.M. Pritchard OBE AFC; Fg Off T.F. Mathewson AFC; Fg Off V.H. Wicks; Flt Sgt S.J. Heath; Flt Sgt W.H. Greene; Flt Sgt H. Thompson; Flt Sgt F. Smith; Flt Sgt J. Rye; Flt Sgt A.T. Martin; Sgt J.W. Mason; Sgt F.E. Burton; LAC G.S. Anger; LAC W. Oliver; LAC J.N. Wilson; AC1 J.C. Drew; AC1 C.W. Donald; AC1 E.E. Steere AM; AC1 C.W. Penson; AC2 R. Parker; AC2 R. Withington; Mr J.R. Pannnell, National Physical Laboratory; Mr C.W. Duffield, , National Physical Laboratory; Mr C.J.R. Campbell, Royal Airship Works; Mr F. Warren, Royal Airship WorksAirship R.38River Humber Estuary, Near Hull, YorkshireView details
30/11/1923Flg Off E. Bird, TP; Cpl G.R. Budd, ObsShort Springbok Mk I J6975Martlesham HeathView details
05/07/1924Flg Off E.E. Paull Smith, MAEE TPSupermarine Sea Lion Mk III GEBAHSea off FelixstoweView details
19/08/1926Flt Lt H.R. Junor DFC, RAE TPGloster Gamecock J7906Hucclecote, GloucestershireView details
08/12/1926Flt Lt G. Wheatley, A&AEE TPGloster Gamecock J7891Martlesham HeathView details
23/01/1928Fg Off H.C.G. Dauncey, A&AEE TPBlackburn Turcock GEBYPMartlesham HeathView details
12/03/1928Flt Lt S.M. Kinkead, RAF High Speed Flight PSupermarine S.5 N221Solent off CalshotView details
16/05/1928E.R.C. Scholefield, Vickers Chief TPVickers Vanguard G-EBCPSheppertonView details

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