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English Electric Lightning - Survivor XS925

F.6 XS925 - RAF Museum London, Hendon, London

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Lightning F.6 XS925 at RAF Museum London, 15th April 2023; Jake Wallace

XS925 first flew on 26th January 1967 and served 5 and 11 Squadrons before making her last flight into Shawbury in 1987. The RAF Museum finally took her in just months later in 1988, arriving for display at their Hendon site. Unfortunately, to make room for XS925, the museum disposed of their P.1B XA847.

Preserved in her final 11 Squadron markings (the last operational Lightning squadron), she's nicely surrounded by various bits of Lightning kit including Red Top and Firestreak missiles, a gun pack, and an ejector seat. Happily, the massive perspex guard once placed in front of the aircraft was removed - sadly, they've removed her pitot probe instead to prevent people from accidentally walking into it.

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