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Gloster Javelin by Richard A Franks

ISBN 1-905414-02-1

Published by Dalrymple & Verdun Publishing, 2006

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Excellent softback book with development and service history, lots of photos, detail diagrams and colour profiles, cancelled projects, plus a listing of each Javelin with basic history details. Highly recommended.

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Warpaint No.17 Gloster Javelin by Tony Buttler AMRAeS


Published by Hall Park Books, 1999

Lots of pictures (mostly monochrome but a good number in colour), development and service history, scale plans covering the differences on each variant, loads of colour profiles. Highly recommended.

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Postwar Military Aircraft 1 Gloster Javelin by Maurice Allward

ISBN 0-7110-1323-3

Published by Ian Allan, 1983, 1999

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Excellent development and service history, going into detail of a selection of particular aircraft to further illustrate the story. Lots of diagrams and pictures, all in monochrome. Look upon this as a more detailed version of the Warpaint title without the colour profiles and you have a fair idea what you'll get. Recommended.

Gloster Javelin volume 1 & 2 by Roger Lindsay

Published by Privately published

Two excellent monographs with history, squadron markings, indidivual aircraft listings and lots of pictures. Volume 1 covered up to the FAW.6, volume 2 the FAW.7 and up. Sadly these are both practically impossible to find these days - if anybody has them available at a reasonable price I would be interested myself!

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