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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX145

T.2A XX145 - DSAE, RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Jaguar T.2A XX145 at RAF Cosford, 21st April 2022; Jake Wallace

Jaguar XX145 was delivered to the RAF in June 1974 and later converted to a T.2 standard. She retired to Boscombe Down in 2006, and was moved to RAF Cranwell for ground instructional uses.

Here she was pretty much a shell and could be seen with taped-up canopies plus her entier spine all taped up too due to a lack of spine panels. XX145 then had a beam of hope when she was moved to Bruntingthorpe in April 2012 for her restoration, to begin with, the large possibility of becoming taxiable once again. She could be seen on static display at the Cold War Jets' open days for a year or so before being dismantled and going undercover in one of the temporary hangars for her restoration work to commence. Sadly, this soon came to a grinding halt when it was unsure who owned the airframe, this meaning it was still property of the MoD in their eyes and so XX145 was left untouched for the rest of her time at Bruntingthorpe. In 2020, Cox Automotive signed a lease agreement with the airfield owners thus leaving an uncertainty over the future of all airframes including XX145. Due to some confusion over who owned XX145 and the uncertainty of the airfield, the School Of Technical Training (SoTT) based at RAF Cosford retrieved her from Bruntingthorpe all in one day and moved her to RAF Cosford by road. It was unclear at this point as to what plans Cosford had for XX145, but being a Jaguar it ended up in possibly the best place for its restoration to finally begin again. After a year of being at Cosford, XX145 has finally been reassembled (apart from the odd panels here and there) and has joined the No.2 SoTT on site where she will be used to train RAF aircraft technician apprentices for the foreseeable future.

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