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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX146

T.4 XX146 - Solway Aviation Museum, Carlise Airport, Cumbria

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Jaguar T.4 XX146 at Solway Aviation Museum, 19th August 2023; Damien Burke

Built as a T.2 in 1974, XX146 was first flown on 24th May 1974 and then delivered on 10th July 1974 to RAF Lossiemouth, where she served with the Jaguar OCU, initially uncoded and lacking squadron markings before gaining the unit's distinctive tartan emblems and being coded 'X'.

She soon moved to 54 Squadron at RAF Coltishall and was coded 'GS' on the tail before becoming 'GT', a code she retains to this day. She was upgraded to a T.2A, then T.2B and then finally upgraded to a T.4 in 1999, at which point she lost her grey/green camo and gained the overall grey scheme (initially uncoded with no squadron marks but soon regaining her 54 Sqn GT codes). Retired in 2005, her last flight was on 7th March 2005, to RAF St. Athan - and spares recovery.

Her hulk was sold to Everett Aero and she moved to Sproughton in Suffolk in late 2005. The Bradwell Bay Military & Science Museum then acquired in May 2017. With the closure of that museum she was acquired by the Solway Aviation Museum in July 2022. She's in relatively decent condition for a spares-recovered airframe, but lacks much of her cockpit interior (including seats) and engines.

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