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Survivor XX976 (8906M)

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XX976 - DSAE, RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Jaguar GR.1 XX976 at Cosford, 10th June 2018; author

First flown on 13th January 1976, XX976 was delivered to Shawbury initially and then on to 31 Squadron (as 'DK') and later 17 Squadron (as 'BD'), RAFG Bruggen. She had a relatively short service life, being retired to storage at Shwabury by March 1985. Onwards to RAF Halton and No.1 SoTT by October 1986 (as 8906M), a decade later she had moved to Cosford (No.2 SoTT, later No. 1 SoTT then DCAE and now DSAE). 15 years after my previous sighting of this airframe at Cosford, she was now parked out on the southern edge of the airfield - either no longer in active use within the training hangars or just relocated out of the way for the annual airshow.

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