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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX847

T.4 XX847 - DSAE, RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Jaguar T.4 XX847 at RAF Cosford, 9th June 2024; Jake Wallace

First flown 23rd October 1976 and entered service with 226 OCU at RAF Lossiemouth before moving to 20 Squadron, RAFG. By 1991 she was with 41 Squadron at RAF Coltishall. In 1994 she had lost her squadron markings so anybody's guess which squadron she was on the charge of!

By June 2003 she was with 16 Squadron, coded PY and was the backup display airframe. She ended her active days with 6 Squadron at RAF Coningsby, coded EZ. Her last flight was into RAF Cosford on 18th May 2007, and she's been a ground instructional airfram there ever since.

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