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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX841

T.4 XX841 - Privately owned, North Weald, Essex

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Jaguar T.4 XX841 at North Weald, 14th June 2021; Richard E Flagg

XX841 first took to the skies on 16th May 1975. Details on her early career are unclear but after a major servicing at Abingdon in 1989 she joined 6 Squadron at RAF Coltishall, coded ES, and stayed with them for several years. By 2002 she had transferred to 16 Squadron, gained the overall grey scheme and was coded PQ. She transferred back to 6 Squadron, coded EW this time, and ended her flying days with them in 2006. She was retired to Shawbury for storage before being sold off to Everett Aero. By the end of 2006 she had been moved to Bentwaters for storage and to await sale.

The airframe then moved on to a private owner and was moved by road to Tunbridge wells and reassembled, moved once again to the Salisbury area before being sold again in September 2018 to a private owner who has had her moved to a hangar at North Weald where restoration work is ongoing. Various rumours have sprung up around the scale of this particular restoration - here's hoping some of the juicier ones come true!

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