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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX765

GR.1 ACT XX765 - RAF Museum Midlands, RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Jaguar GR.1 ACT XX765 at Cosford, 21st April 2022; Jake Wallace

XX765 was withdrawn from RAF service to demonstrate the feasibility of Active Control Technology, known as ACT. This airframe was used to test the fly-by-wire (FBW) technology resulting in this system replacing all the control rod and linkages in XX765. The airframe was modified more when it was fitted with a large leading-edge strakes known as wing extensions, this helps to move the centre of lift forward and adds ballast to the rear of the fuselage. This wing modification made enhanced the lift and drag plus making the tailplane much more efficient, this meant the aircraft could use smaller and lighter engines with great fuel efficiency. This decreased the overall weight of the airframe by 15%.
These trials first began in October of 1981, the test pilots were rather impressed with the aircrafts control responses and smoother fight. The maneuverability of the airframe also enhanced, new computer-controlled flight commands provided split-second corrections to compensate for the unstable configuration.

The fly-by-wire program with the Jaguar came to an end in September 1984 have 96 flights. Much of the information from this program was used in the Eurofighter Typhoon!

XX765 was put on loan to Loughborough University by BAe for study by aeronautical engineering students. While at the University, the aircraft gained a rather odd overall green colour.

Once the University had finished with the aircraft, it was moved by road to the RAF Museum at Cosford in September 1994 and was placed on display, wearing a very dark green which the University had painted her in. Just a couple years later, British Aerospace repainted the airframe back into it's original raspberry ripple colours.

Today, XX765 can be seen on display in the Test-Flight hangar at RAF Cosford.

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