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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX763 (9009M)

GR.1 XX763 - Bournemouth Aviation Museum, Hurn, Dorset

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Jaguar GR.1 XX763 at Bournemouth Aviation Museum, 6th June 2022; Damien Burke

XX763 was built by BAC at Warton and first flew in May 1975. Initially retained by BAC for publicity duties - including an airshow appearance in Paris - she was delivered to the RAF and entered service with 226 OCU at RAF Lossiemouth, coded 24. In early 1980 she spent some time with 54 Squadron at RAF Coltishall before returning to the OCU. The aircraft had a relatively short active career and was retired from service in April 1985 at Shawbury where she was initially stored.

XX763 was then moved to St Athan where she was issued to No.4 School of Technical Training as 9009M for ground training. With the Jaguar's retirement in 2005, the RAF didn't have much use for her and she was sold to Transworld Aviation Trading of West Sussex in 2007.

After a few years in storage, the aircraft was loaned to the Bournemouth Aviation Museum and arrived there in the Autumn of 2009. In 2016/2017 she was repainted, reinstating the 226 OCU tail markings and 24 code as worn in her early career. By 2022 she was looking rather faded. She lacks pylons and engines and looks a little 'light on her feet' as a result.

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