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SEPECAT Jaguar - Survivor XX730 (8952M)

GR.1 XX730 - Polish Aviation Museum, Krakow, Poland

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Jaguar GR.1 XX730 at Polish Aviation Museum, 27th June 2017; Richard E Flagg

XX730 began her flying career in 1974, first flying in June and delivered to the RAF in September. The airframe retired just over a decade later in 1985 where she was placed into storage at Shawbury.

Like many Jaguars that arrived at Shawbury, they slowly made their way to RAF Cosford - XX730 being no different. She was transferred to the No.2 SoTT at Cosford in 1988, gaining the maintenance number 8952M.

Once Cosford had finished using the XX730, she was put up for disposal, being acquired by the Polish Aviation Museum in Karkow, arriving at her new home in March 2010. Since sitting outside at the museum for several years, it's paint work has sadly faded and the airframe doesn't seem to be in the best condition due to battling the elements.

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