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Hawker Hunter - Survivor WN890

F.2 WN890 - Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Old Sarum Airfield, Wiltshire

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Hunter F.2 WN890 at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, 18th March 2023; Jake Wallace

Built-in 1953, WN890 spent all of her career carrying out trials work. By the 1960s she was out of use and the nose was cut off with the remainder scrapped - some parts were buried at Boscombe Down and the tail was unearthed in 1996 and has since gone on display there. The cockpit over 30 years in the Aeromedical Training School as an oxygen trainer, then in 1992 was used as a fire crew training aid (not burnt, thankfully) before being acquired by British Classic Air Reserve. She then passed on to an ATC unit in Lancashire then back to Robertsbridge before going to Naylan Moore at AeroVenture in Doncaster. Nathan did a lot of restoration work on her, and in 2004 Tony Dyer brought her 'back home' to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection where the restored was finished. She's had her canopy chopped presumably so that it can be opened fully in a limited space.

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