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Hawker Hunter - Survivor 517 (ZK-JIL, ex XJ689)

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FR.74A 517 - Jet Imports Ltd. (flyer), New Zealand

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Hunter FR.74A 517 at Ardmore, 6th April 2001; Martin Sykes/New Zealand Herald

This is ex-Singapore Air Defence Force F.74 (an FGA.9 converted to pretty much FR.10 standard) 517. Owned by Jet Imports Ltd., the owner has battled his way through the process of getting it flying and also owns a two-seater currently kept in storage. ZK-JIL made her first post-restoration flight on 13th April 2000 but sadly made a wheels-up landing at her home base of Ardmore on 6th April 2001. Pilot was okay and successfully fought a small fire once he'd screeched to a halt, but the drop tanks, port pylon and pitot tube are all history and there is some damage to the underside of the aircraft too. All in all though she's come out very well from the incident and was back in the air not long afterwards.

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