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Hawker Hunter - Survivor J-4077

F.58 J-4077 - 1 Wing Historical Centre, Beauvechain, Belgium

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Hunter F.58 J-4077 at Weelde, late 1999; Nicolaas Van den Bergh

The last flight J-4077 made was on 04-10-1995, when Kaptain Stefan Brunner flew the aircraft from Meiringen in Switzerland to Weelde. The aircraft was stored for some time and was the property of the Royal Aviation Museum Brussels. The airfield personnel looked after it; keeping the tires inflated, moving it around from time to time, etc. The overall condition of the aircraft was rather good. A few years back, the Belgian Air Force vacated the location, and so J-4077 was transferred to Landen. In 2020, the airframe was moved to Beauvechain where she is now on display, undercover, at the 1 Wing Historical Centre.

The picture above shows J-4077 not too long after its relocation to Beauvechain, the hangar she is in today can be seen in the background under construction.

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