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Survivor 'XF418' (really E-430, composite with XG226)

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F.51 XF418 - Gatwick Aviation Museum, Charlwood, Surrey

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Hunter F.51 XF418 at Gatwick Aviation Museum, 26th June 2021; Jake Wallace

First seen on display at Thorpe park before being sold to the Gatwick Aviation Museum some years ago. This is an ex-Danish F.51, previously E-430, which was painted up as an RN GA.11 (the guns give it away though!) on arrival in the UK some years ago. The Hunter was seen on display for several years with the rest of the collection.

Today, the aircraft is an empty shell and has been pushed out the way of the collection and is planned to become a training airframe for local cadets to mess around on and so this won't be seen to near the collection in the near future.

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