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F.51 E-401 - Danmarks Flyvemuseum, Stauning Lufthavn, Denmark

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Hunter F.51 E-401 at Stauning, 4th December 2008; Per Thorup Pedersen

Originally scheduled to be built as an F.4 for the RAF with serial WW591, this aircraft was diverted to the Danish Air Force order and built as an F.51 instead. Delivered to the RDAF as '401' on 2nd November 1955, she served with Eskadrille 724 at Aalborg until early 1959, then moved to Skrydstrup until the unit was disbanded and the Hunters retired in 1974 (by which time she was marked E-401 and had acquired an overall dark green finish). Earmarked for preservation with the Danish Air Force Museum at Karup, she spent many years there on display. In 2008, E-401 moved - along with much of the rest of the RDAF Museum collection - to become part of the already excellent Danmarks Flymuseum at Stauning. She has been restored to her early '401' colours.

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