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Hawker Hunter - Survivor XF301 (ex N301XF)

GA.11 XF301 - Garrett Moscos (stored, for sale), Chino, California, USA

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Hunter GA.11 XF301 at Chino, 2018; Historic and Classic Aircraft Sales

One of the first batch of Hunters to go to private owners in the US, XF301 was shipped over in the 1990s - in bits - and slowly reassembled. It is owned by Dr. Garrett Moscos who had approval to display it at airshows and based it at Chino. While a GA.11, Garrett has modified it somewhat - with a standard nose cone instead of Harley light, dummy cannon barrels in uncovered gunports, Sabrinas and a tailcone from a T.7 or 8 complete with working brake-chute. He also modified the engine starter so that he can use cartridge for effect or compressed air. Sadly she lost her grey/white FAA scheme before being sold, but the overall grey has not weathered too badly all in all.

Sadly her flying days came to an end in 2008 and she was put into storage, initially out in the open but now in a hangar. The airframe has been up for sale on and off ever since with no takers.

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