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Hawker Hunter - Survivor WW654

GA.11 WW654 - Privately owned (gate guard at former RNAS Ford), Ford, West Sussex

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Hunter GA.11 WW654 at Ford, 17th May 2021; Damien Burke

An ex-FRADU GA.11, WW654 was for some time resident in Harry Pounds' scrapyard in Portsmouth, so has survived a less than ideal retirement fairly well. WW654 belongs to the owner of what was once RNAS Ford and has now been pole-mounted near the entrance to the former station (follow the road from Arundel to Ford and keep on going out of the village). WW654 was cleaned and given a new canopy before going on display, though sadly wasn't repainted - having spent a few years up on this pole in all weathers it was looking even worse but was repainted in 2003.

Fast forward another 18 years though and the south coast sunshine has done her paint and canopy no good at all, and the proximity of nearby trees has resulted in an accumulation of lichen and general filth. Poor old girl desperately needs a clean!

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