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Hawker Hunter - Survivor XF375 (ex G-BUEZ)

F.6 XF375 - Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Old Sarum Airfield, Wiltshire

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Hunter F.6 XF375 at Old Sarum, 19th August 2018; Damien Burke

XF375 was built as an F.6 and spent much of her early life on manufacturer and government trials work. By 1963 she was in service with the Empire Test Pilots School, and also spent some time with the Royal Aeronautical Establishment. After retirement the OFMC at Duxford acquired her and had been partially stripped for a repaint before activities on it at Duxford came to a halt.

Unusually this F.6 has what looks like an FR.10 nose cap fitted; it was like that when they bought it from the RAF - maybe this was a special fit like that of XF382 (q.v.). Originally planned to be the OFMC's first airworthy Hunter, the better condition of the ex-Swiss F.58s resulted in XF375 being put to one side, and eventually put up for sale.

Initially moving to Spanhoe back in 2004, little or nothing appeared to have been done with the aircraft and in 2007 she moved on once more, to the Museum at Boscombe Down - fitting given her prior ETPS service. With the Museum's move to Old Sarum airfield, she is now on display and has undergone a remarkable transformation into her old red/white ETPS colours.

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