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Folland Gnat - Survivor XR574 (8631M)

T.1 XR574 - 1 SoTT, DCAE Cosford, Shropshire

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Gnat T.1 XR574 at Cosford, 8th May 2003; Damien Burke

Retired but still in active service, XR754 (now marked 8631M) resides with the Engineering Skills Trading Squadron at RAF Cosford and is probably the only airframe that could possibly have fitted into the room in which it is located. Quite how they got it in (or how they'll ever get it out) is a mystery! XR574 first flew on 17/10/1963 and saw service with 4 FTS and the CFS (sometimes as a spare for the Red Arrows). Its final flight was to Cosford on 5/10/1979.

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