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Folland Gnat - Sabre Slayer & Red Arrow by Victor Bingham

ISBN 1 900511 78 9

Published by J&KH Publishing, 2000

One of the few books dedicated to the type, but this one would be worth buying anyway with a in-depth history and service record backed up by a good selection of photos. Rather hard to find these days it seems.

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Spirit of Hamble - Folland Aircraft by Derek N. James

ISBN 0 7524 2102 6

Published by Tempus Publishing, 2000

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Not about the Gnat in particular though there is some good coverage in this bargain-priced softback book, this is the story of Hamble airfield and Folland from humble beginnings to the current day. Includes some fascinating drawings of Gnat variants that never got built.

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Warpaint 67: Folland/Hawker Siddeley Gnat - including HAL Ajeet by Alan W. Hall


Published by Warpaint Books Ltd., 2000

Not one of the stronger Warpaints, this one. The usual standard of development and service history plus a good selection of photos (particularly of Indian examples), colour profiles and scale plans. However, there are a number of photos of utterly atrocious quality that have no place ending up in print, the 'in detail' selection is miserly even for a Warpaint, and there are quite a few errors on the scale plans. Still, there's comprehensive coverage of the colour variations of the Red Arrows over their Gnat years along with many of the other RAF schemes plus a small selection of Finnish and Indian schemes.

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Aviation News Mini Monograph: Hawker Siddeley Gnat F.1 and T.1 by Paul A. Jackson

Published by Alan W. Hall (Publications) Ltd.

An early fore-runner of the Warpaint series, these monographs tended to be aimed at the 'spotter' fraternity but even so it's worth seeking out - a basic development and service history, mostly covering the T.1 in RAF service, with individual aircraft histories covering the 105 the RAF used, paint scheme profiles and a fair number of photos. Reproduction quality not great it has to be said and all illustrations and photos are in monochrome.

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This section would have been greatly the poorer without contributions from the following - so many thanks to (in alphabetical order):

Alan Allen, Adrian Balch, Allan Barley, Victor Bingham, Howard Curtis, Eric Dewhurst, Marcel de Jong, Garry Lakin, Andy Marden, Glen Moreman, John Mulvey, Dave Thomas, Mike Tighe, Barry Tippit and everybody who contributed pictures or information to the survivors section (credited under the pictures).

Thanks also to the following organisations:

Delta Jets, Kemble Air Services, Midland Air Museum, Phoenix Aviation, Warbirds of India.