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Folland Gnat - Survivor XR571

T.1 XR571 - Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, Tangmere, West Sussex

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Gnat T.1 XR571 at RAF Scampton Heritage Centre, 21st December 2022; Adam Poultney

Another Gnat wearing Red Arrows colours that never flew with the display team is XR571. Her career began with a first flight on 4th October 1963, entering service with 4 FTS at RAF Valley, and she was retired in 1975 after a heavy landing there.

Repainted in Red Arrow colours, she was then put on display as the gate guard at RAF Brampton in July 1976, moving to RAF Kemble in 1979. Whenever the Reds have moved since then, XR571 has gone with them. When the team moved to Scampton, she was placed on display outside within the station. After a few years outside, silver vinyl was applied to her front screen and canopy to protect the perspex as it was starting to cloud over. A few years back she was moved into the RAF Scampton Heritage Centre on-site where she was finally in the dry and on display. The silver vinyls were removed from her front screen and canopy, which have thankfully protected the perspex from clouding even further.

Due to the recent closure of RAF Scampton, XR571 was put up for disposal, temporarily relocating to Washfold Farm where she was auctioned off to Tangmere Military Aviation Museum. XR571 arrived at the museum on the 28th of February 2023, where she can now be seen on display once again.

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