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English Electric Canberra - Survivor XH171

PR.9 XH171 - RAF Museum Midlands, RAF Cosford, Shropshire

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Canberra PR.9 XH171 at Cosford, 21st April 2022; Jake Wallace

XH171 began construction at Shorts of Belfast during 1958 and was delivered to the RAF at 15 MU at RAF Wroughton in August 1960. Shen entered service with 58 Squadron at RAF Wyton in August 1960, but didn't last long with them, being returned to Shorts for modifications in March 1962. After a period bouncing around between the Ministry of Aviation and various Maintenance Units, she returned to frontline service with 39 Squadron at RAF Luqa in October 1963.

When 39 Squadron left Malta in 1970, XH171 was left behind to join 13 Squadron and apart from SOMNE periods under repair or major servicing, remained with them until transfer back to 39 Squadron in March 1976. She stayed with 39 for the rest of her career, being retired to the Holding Flight at RAF Wyton in June 1982 before a final flight into RAF Cosford on 13th July 1982.

At Cosford she was taken on charge by No.2 School of Technical Training as 8746M. XH171 was then used for training until 1992, when she was gifted to the Aerospace Museum at Cosford, and put on external display. In early 2006 she was repainted and in May 2006, moved into the new Cold War Hangar, hung from the celling above the Victor. Like many airframes in that hangar, it's a struggle to get a decent picture due to all the exhibits being so crammed in one space.

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