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English Electric Canberra - Survivor 52002 (ex WH905)

Tp.52 52002 - Flygvapenmuseum, Malmen, Linkoping, Sweden

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Canberra Tp.52 52002 at Malmen, 26th August 2023; Lucas Walpole

Built as a B.2 for the RAF, WH905 first flew in 1954 but had been grounded by 1959 as a potential foreign sale airframe. Sweden was looking for a pair of Canberras for trial work, and after the initial pair of airframes selected for them were found to be too badly corroded, WH905 was one of the replacements chosen. Converted to a T.11 before delivery, she was also fitted with a more modern Swedish radio and navigation kit and delivered as a Tp.52 in March 1960, joining F8 wing at Barkarby.

On arrival 52002 was further modified, as she was to be used for research both by the Swedish Air Force and some commercial companies such as SAAB. Her bomb bay was fitted with a comprehensive racking system to enable easy changing of test kit and her nose was changed for that of an SAAB A32 Lansen. She had a busy career of trials of various radar and comms kit and also carried out some adversary missions to test Swedish defenses including ultra-low-level attempts at entering Swedish airspace from outside their air defence zone.

She flew until 1974 before being retired to the Flygvapenmuseum (Swedish Air Force Museum), where she remains to this day.

Since arriving at the museum she has started to deteriorate slowly although has been looking much tidier and more presentable in recent years.

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