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English Electric Canberra - Survivor 99+34 (ex WK137)

B.2 99+34 - Internationales Luftfahrt-Museum, Schwenningen, Germany

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Canberra B.2 99+34 at Internationales Luftfahrt-Museum, 10th September 2004; Alan Allen

Built as a B.2 and serving with the RAF as WK137, she was delivered to the Luftwaffe as YA+152 in October 1966, being renumbered as 00+02 in 1968. She was transferred to Mil Geo Amt in 1970 and renumbered as D9566 and then 99+34 in 1978.

99+34 was used for meteorological research, weather reconnaissance, geographical and survey missions throughout her flying career. In 1992, WK123 donated her wings to 99+35, hence why the wings are not painted the same colour as the fuselage. She is now preserved at the Internationales Luftfahrt-Museum in Germany.

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