Thunder & Lightnings

Test Flying Memorial

"...and everywhere the
blue sky belongs to them
and is their appointed rest
and their native country"
- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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CasualtiesFlt Lt J.K. Hough AFC, RAE Farnborough TP
AircraftBristol Sycamore Mk 1 VL963
Took off fromFarnborough, Hampshire
Purpose of flightnot known
Incident locationCrashed on aborted take-off
Incident detailsAfter badly executed take-off the pilot decided to land at once but the rotor struck the ground, pitching the nose forward and initiating severe bucking owing to the damaged rotor running at take-off power still. The pilot was knocked unconscious and thrown from aircraft, sustaining fatal injuries. Two other crew members included Rolls-Royce CTP survived

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