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Hawker Siddeley Nimrod - Survivor XV231

MR.2 XV231 - Runway Visitor Park, Manchester Airport, Altrincham, Cheshire

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Nimrod MR.2 XV231 at Runway Visitor Park, 10th February 2024; Jake Wallace

XV231 was built as an MR.1 and delivered to RAF St. Mawgan on 29th October 1969. She was assigned to 203 Squadron, being based at RAF Luqa on Malta from the early 1970s. When the UK withdrew from Malta in 1979 she was put in the queue for MR.2 conversion and then went on to serve as an MR.2 with 42 Squadron at RAF St. Mawgan and later Kinloss.

She made her last flight from RAF Kinloss to Manchester Airport on the 21st April 2010. She was demilitarised after arrival with the removal or disabling of some systems, and then underwent a period of some neglect before a change of management at the Runway Visitor Park saw some keen volunteers let loose on the various
airframes there that had been in need of a bit of TLC.

XV231's volunteer team now includes an ex-BAE Woodford engineer and an ex-RAF crew chief with Nimrod and VC-10 experience, and they've resurrected many of the on-board systems. External lights all work, hydraulics are now fully functional, with flaps and bomb bay doors working via the Red system and flight controls functional via the Yellow system. These are often demonstrated on various event days at the visitor park. They continue to resurrect more systems inside the aircraft and this has recently meant the Galley is now once again fully working!

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