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F.2 E1956 - AFS Kalaikunda (displayed by 2 Sqn hangar), West Bengal, India

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Gnat F.2 E1956 at Kalaikunda, ; Warbirds of India

No.2 Squadron, IAF, the "Winged Daggers" had a long period of association with Kalaikunda that goes back to the late 70s. No.2 Squadron was in the Punjab area around Adampur and Halwara during the 1965 and 71 wars. The Squadron moved to Kalaikunda in the late 70s and flew its Gnats till 1977 or so when it started requipping with the upgraded version - the Ajeet. It flew the Ajeet till 1991, when the last example was flown to the IAF Museum in Palam, New Delhi. Perhaps to remember this association with the Ajeet, No.2 Squadron has one of its last aircraft displayed on a platform outside its Hangar. E1957 is in quite good condition and is still in its original metallic finish similar to the Gnats at ATC and looks to be in good condition, though lacking an ejection seat and engine.

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