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Folland Gnat - Survivor 'DJ1992' (possibly E1992)

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F.2 DJ1992 - AFS Kalaikunda (displayed in front of tower), West Bengal, India

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Gnat F.2 DJ1992 at Kalaikunda, ; Warbirds of India

Kalaikunda had a surplus of Ajeets left over from the tenure of No.2 Squadron which operated from here in till the advent of the 90s. Aparently one of them finds its place here as the aircraft on the right side of the ATC Tower. Its identity is unknown, but a fake serial DJ1992 is painted on it. Since this is also called the Diamond Jubilee memorial , it is believed that the aircraft were installed in 1992 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Indian Air Force. The aircraft's original identity is unknown but appears to be an Ajeet judging by the four hard points under the wings. The ejection seat and other cockpit paraphernalia have been removed. The aircraft is tethered by four steel cables to pegs on the ground. Since there have been Ajeets with serial numbers E1990 to E1997, one can take an stab in the dark and speculate that this aircraft might have been E1992.

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