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Folland Gnat - Survivor E246

F.1 E246 - Indian Air Force HQ, Vayu Bhavan, Delhi, India

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Gnat F.1 E246 at E246 on the left - Delhi, 4th August 2021; Stewart Lanham/Warbirds of India

Displayed outside the Indian Air Force HQ are three Gnats wearing serials E1975, IE1205 and IE246. The authenticity of the last serial number is in question, as no such serial can be found in most publicly available records. The aircraft could either be IE1246 or E246. If its the former then it would have been the last of the IE serialled Gnats. Since Vayu Bhawan is located on a public throughfare, it is quite easy to take photographs of the aircraft on display but foreigners in particular should probably seek permission to do so as the security guards are vigilant!

The aircraft were painted sometime and were applied the wrong serial numbers, hopefully they've since applied them in the correct order.

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