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Folland Gnat - Survivor XP542

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T.1 XP542 - 454 Sqn ATC, Solent Sky, Southampton

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Gnat T.1 XP542 at Southampton, 7th October 2008; Damien Burke

XP542 is actually painted up differently on each side - port side wearing a spurious air defence grey scheme, and starboard side wearing Red Arrows colours. XP542 moved from its previoous home at the Military College at Shrivenham to an Air Trading Corps unit in Southampton, located just behind the Solent Sky museum (former Southampton Hall of Aviation). It is intended to serve not just as a Gate Guardian to the Squadron, but also to serve as a flight trainer, enabling cadets to learn cockpit instruments, pre-flight cockpit checks and pre-flight aircraft inspections. Further to this it is intended to be used for practical airframe instruction, allowing the cadets to remove inspection panels to see the workings of the aircraft and keep the aircraft maintained in it's present state. XP542 is complete except for the engine.

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