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Folland Gnat - Survivor 'GN-101' (really XK741)

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F.1 GN-101 - Midland Air Museum (fuselage), Baginton, Warwickshire

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Gnat F.1 GN-101 at Baginton, 1st December 2019; Damien Burke

This is actually the fuselage of XK741, one of the F.1 development batch. XK741 first flew on 15th May 1957, and was last flown on 22nd September 1961, being retired to static trials work with Hawker-Siddeley at Dunsfold. By 1974 it was of no further use and the Museum acquired her wingless fuselage. For a change of colour the Midland Air Museum have carried out a cosmetic restoration and repainted her to represent the first Finnish F.1, GN-101. To be accurate it would need a sharper radar nose and this is a possibility for the future, along with remanufactured wings (the Museum sadly doesn't have the originals and a plan to build some wooden ones appears to have fallen by the wayside). They are also missing an ejector seat (T.1 seats are not suitable).

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