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XG883 - Museum of Berkshire Aviation, Woodley, Berkshire

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Gannet T.5 XG883 at Woodley, 7th February 2007;

Rescued from the collapse of the Wales Air Museum, XG883 is actually owned by the Fleet Air Arm Museum and on loan to the Museum of Berkshire Aviation. Having suffered much corrosion when at Cardiff, it has been an ongoing restoration project at Woodley, and they've done a magnificent job to get her looking like this. The paint job is not entirely accurate, as in the interests of easier maintenance they have used red and light grey paint rather than dayglo and silver. She is set to stay here as the FAA Museum (who have loaned her to MBA) have said they don't want her back as long as she is looked after. Some years ago the museum applied for planning application to extend their building to keep her dry and warm, but so far there is no sign of progress with this. Inside the museum the cockpit controls are being restored and they also have a Double Mamba engine on display. With the only other T.5 in the UK on the point of destruction, XG883 may well be the only surviving UK example of the type in the near future.

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