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Fairey Gannet - Survivor XG882 (composite with XA463 and XG889)

T.5 XG882 - Privately Owned (derelict), Errol Airfield, Tayside, Scotland

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Gannet T.5 XG882 at Errol Airfield, 7th September 2021; Lucas Walpole

Built in 1956, XG882 served at RNAS Culdrose with the station flight from 1959 and then 849 NAS for several years before being upgraded and returning to service in 1966 at RNAS Lossiemouth (still with 849 NAS).

She was retired in 1976 and used as a fire practice airframe but brought back from the dead in 1982 by being combined with bits of XA463 and XG889 to produce a complete example. Sadly the years since have not been kind to her and she now looks to be thoroughly derelict. Missing a prop, the starboard aileron is hanging down, many panels are missing and the cockpits have been smashed and open to the elements for years so are probably a disaster area by now.

Unfortunately, nothing has been done to save or restore this airframe and so it still sits in the exact same place, corroding away where she was once delivered many decades ago as a complete aircraft...

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