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Blackburn Buccaneer - Survivor XX899

S.2B XX899 - Robin Phipps, Newark Air Museum, Winthorpe Show Ground, Nottinghamshire

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Buccaneer S.2B XX899 at Newark Air Museum, 28th August 2021; Jake Wallace

XX899 was delivered to the RAF in 1976 before being sent to the Gulf War in 1991 with the tail code 'P' and named 'Laser Lips Laura'. The airframe retired in 1994 and was reduced to a cockpit at Hanningfield Metals.

Robin Phipps purchased the nose section of XX899 and moved it to the Midland Air Museum in Coventry where she was on display for many years while slowly being restored.

In October 2018, Robin moved his cockpit to the Newark Air Museum to continue the restoration and where it could go on display. The cockpit overall is in overall good condition and is fairly complete, including a radar still fitted - this does make it quite nose-heavy! Since being at the museum, Robin has slowly been repainting the cockpit using aerosol cans which are giving a good result so far! Due to COVID-19 and the struggle to find the correct colours in aerosol, the repaint has made little progress.
However, the correct colours have now been found and Robin hopes to complete the repaint by Summer 2022.
If anyone can help, Robin is currently looking for a second aircrew ladder and a radar lifting frame.

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